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ArcWeld Multi-Station System for Controlling Welding Parameters

Leszek Szubert

Progressing automation and strong market competition dictate a rise in productivity without compromising, and sometimes even with increasing quality-related requirements. As a result, in big industrial companies the control of production processes based on traditional inspection methods is significantly limited, expensive and impossible to perform on a continuous basis. Consequently, a quality control related to welded joints is randomised and based on destructive testing. Although such welded joint quality control enables obtaining very good results in terms of joint quality control, its cost, time and possibility of assessing only a selected set of specimens make the method impossible for performing complex assessments of ongoing production processes. This has led to a rising popularity of methods supporting the evaluation of joint quality control enabling a non-invasive assessment of each joint. To this end it has become necessary to apply systems making it possible to continuously control electric parameters characterising welding processes. For many years, Instytut Spawalnictwa has been carrying out tests and developing measurement equipment for monitoring welding processes. Such equipment and systems find applications in industrial companies, both for welding process control and assessment as well as for adjusting welding process parameters. One of such systems is a multi-station system for monitoring Arc Weld (electric arc welding) process parameters.

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