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Characteristics of Fusion Welded and Friction Welded Joints Made in High-Carbon Nanobainitic Steels

Marek St. Węglowski, Wojciech Grobosz, Jarosław Marcisz, Bogdan Garbarz

Intense research on the metallurgy of iron alloys have recently resulted in the development of technologies enabling the making of high-carbon nanobainitic steels. Because of their chemical composition, the above-named steels belong to hard-to-weld materials. To identify the possibility of welding such steels using arc-based methods and welding in the solid state it was necessary to make test joints and perform related metallographic tests. The test results revealed that it is possible to obtain both fusion and pressure welded joints if the process was performed in the softened state, i.e. before the final heat treatment. Afterwards, joints should be subjected to a heat treatment ensuring the obtainment of a previously assumed microstructure and required hardness distribution in the weld and HAZ.   

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2018.4/1

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