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Cross Wire Projection Welding of Aluminium Alloy Bars (FEM 2.5D Calculations)

Zygmunt Mikno

The research described in the article involved the analysis of the cross wire projection welding of bars in relation to a conventional, i.e. pneumatic and a servomechanical electrode force system. The analysis was performed using SORPAS (2.5D model) software. Numerical calculations involved bars made of aluminium alloy 5182 (ϕ 4.0 mm) as well as to various values of electrode force (pneumatic system) and electrode travel (servomechanical system). The analysis involved the projection height reduction before and during the flow of current, the waveforms of static slope resistance, momentary power, weld diameter and the volume of molten material. The research aimed to optimise the process in relation to electrode force and/or electrode travel control in order to obtain such control of welding power space distribution so that energy could be concentrated in the central zone of the weld, where the use of the pneumatic system resulted in the obtainment of incomplete fusion instead of penetration. The article provides general recommendations concerned with the optimisation of a welding process involving the use of a servomechanical electrode force system.

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