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Determination of Parameters of Selected Mathematical Models of Arc in Circuits with Actual Energy Sources

Antoni Sawicki, Maciej Haltof

The article provides general justification concerned with the performance of simulation tests of processes in circuits. The simulation tests aimed to identify the effectiveness related to the use of modified integral methods used in the experimental determination of parameters of arc mathematical models. In addition, the article specifies conditions for the performance of experiments, i.e. involving the numerical or physical elimination of near-electrode arc voltage drops. The research described in the article also involved the modification of integral dependences into HL-type (hyperbolic-linear) parameters of the Mayr and Pentegov models by providing the above-named dependences with corrective functions. The performance of simulations of processes in circuits with arcs and with actual energy sources (with a variable parameter, i.e. internal inductance) generating sinusoidal current or voltage waves, resulted in the obtainment of diagrams of the family of correction factor function. Those of the above-named functions which significantly differed from unity were subjected to approximation.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2017.4/6

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