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Verification of Properties of Joints Made of Advances High Strength Steels in the Conditions of the Complex Thermal Cycles of the HPAW Process

Jerzy Nowacki, Adam Sajek

The article discusses the primary issue related to the verification of properties of joints made in AHSS in relation to conventional structural steels and based on the identification of cooling time t8/5. The solution suggested in the study involving the application of the Finite Element Method is based on two computational models. In addition the article presents a material model allowing for properties of single metallic phases and their interaction during the welding cycle. The study also describes the numerical model of the HPAW (plasma + MAG) heat source composed of two models predefined in the Simufact.Welding software programme corresponding to the nature of constituent processes. The research-related tests also involved welding simulations and experimental verification. The tests demonstrated the conformity of simulation results and the high usability of simulation when verifying properties of joints.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2018.5/19

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