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Advanced Design and Verification of Tracks and Welding Positioners – External Axes of Robots

Paweł Cegielski, Dariusz Golański, Paweł Kołodziejczak, Andrzej Kolasa, Damian Rochalski, Tadeusz Sarnowski

Multiaxial welding positioners and tracks intended for integration with an industrial robot as their external axes should be characterised by specific kinematic structure, the wide range of movements and high rigidity translating into previously assumed positioning repeatability. The above-named requirements are often contradictory to one another, therefore the development of a safe and functional structure requires the application of advanced design and verification methods. The pursuit of the accomplishment of the ultimate solution cannot be solely based on the design engineer’s intuition or the lowest price criterion. One of the recognised methods of the verification of CAD models CAD involves the application of FEM-based strength analysis (Finite Element Method). The article presents the effect of research and development works related to the design and industrial implementation of new types of manipulators (external axes of robots) in PPU ZAP Robotyka, Ostrów Wielkopolski. 

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2018.5/24

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