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Robotic welding on tube nodes

Steffen Keitel, Uwe Mückenheim, Uwe Wolski, Steffen Lotz, Jörg Müglitz, Tilo Sigmund

Hollow-profile structures are significantly more stable than structures made using open pro-files, which is the main reason for their use in truss and truss-like structures. The node inter-sections of such structures requires three-dimensional curved welded joints. Small and medium-sized enterprises usually weld tubular frame and truss structures manually, which is highly time-consuming and cost-intensive. In addition, this method requires person-nel with corresponding qualifications to carry out the work as the welders need to adapt to constantly changing conditions in weld preparation and welding position, which obviously requires intensive training. Replacing this manual activity by mechanised welding processes would provide great relief to welders.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2018.5/3

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