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Multiple MAG Repair Welding of Steel S1100QL with the Removal of Defective Fragments of Welds Using Mechanical Treatment

Eugeniusz Turyk, Mirosław Łomozik

The research discussed in the article involved the performance of tests assessing the effect of a one-time and four-time repair welding thermal cycle on mechanical properties of 18 mm thick butt joints made of toughened steel S1100QL. The tests also involved the determination of mechanical properties of a production joint and joints subjected to mechanical treatment-based repair, involving the use of the MAG method (138) and metallic flux-cored wire STEIN-MEGAFIL 1100 M. It was ascertained that the mechanical properties of the joints subjected to mechanical treatment-based repair were similar to those of the joints subjected to repair welding involving the removal of a defective part using arc-air gouging.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2018.5/6

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