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Comprehensive Procedure of the Assessment of the Quality of Welded Joints Made in Alloy INCONEL 617

Natalia Konieczna

The development of the power engineering industry forces designers and material engineers to develop and implement new technologically advanced materials, including alloy INCONEL 617. There are numerous works concerning tests focused on the alloy microstructure, yet welded joints made of INCONEL 617 have not been discussed in detail. The description of the microstructure of welded joints provides designers, design engineers and welding engineers with knowledge enabling them to assess the service life and degradation of welded joints in elements made of INCONEL 617. The article presents the analysis and the assessment of the microstructure of TIG-welded joints made of nickel alloy INCONEL 617. The tests involved the use of light and scanning microscopy. Precipitates revealed in the tests were identified using EDS-based chemical composition microanalysis XRD-based phase analysis. The verification of the test results also required the performance of analysis carried out using the scanning transmission electron microscope. The tests revealed the presence of precipitates both in the base material and in the weld. The presence of precipitates including Cr(Mo)₂₃C₆ or Ti(CN) carbides increases the strength of the alloy, whereas identified dislocations and twins intensify the hardening effect.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2018.6/4

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