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The Use of 3D Scanning Technology in Measurements of Welding Distortions

Jerzy Nowacki, Norbert Sieczkiewicz, Michał Nocoń

The article describes primary issues related to measurements of welding distortions performed using 3D scanning methods. The study includes a review of available industrial 3D scanning solutions. The research involved the experimental investigation of high-strength steels containing welding distortions as well as the SAW surfacing of steel S960QL steel performed using various welding parameters. The research-related tests included the selection of an appropriate 3D scanning technology. During the tests, steel plates were measured using GOM ATOS III Triple Scan and 3D scans were obtained using Kinect for Windows v1 and v2, DAVID SLS-3. The research results demonstrated that the choice of a metrology-grade 3D scanner used for measurements of weld distortions ensured the obtainment of required accuracy of measurements.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2019.1/3

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