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The Current State of the Art and the Issues of the Drawn Arc Welding of Studs Performed Using a Ceramic Ferrule

Mateusz Kapler, Jerzy Nowacki, Adam Sajek

The authors performed the state-of-art analysis of recent achievements concerned with drawn arc stud welding involving the use of ceramic ferrules. The research focused on surface preparation, technological parameters, process limits and magnetic arc blow. Because of the complexity and correlations of primary electromagnetic phenomena in stud welding processes as well as due to the lack of simple and practically applicable theoretical explanation of their effect on welding results, emphasis was given to demand for industrially applicable simulation tools enabling the forecasting of stud welding results. It is believed that the above-named goal could be achieved using the non-linear regression model of an artificial neural network based on empirical data obtained on a real-time basis from simple process controlling measurement circuits.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2019.2/5

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