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Modelling the Effect of External Disturbances in Static Characteristics of Unspecified and Determined Ignition Voltages on Dynamic Characteristics of Arc in a Circuit with the Current Source. Part. 1. Primary Analytical Correlations

Antoni Sawicki

The article presents a set of functions useful when approximating non-linear current-voltage characteristics of static arc disturbed by external factors. To this end, modified Ayrton and Nottingham functions were used. The study involved characteristics with undefined and determined arc ignition voltages. The mapping of the above-named arc and the simulation of processes in the electric circuit with the current source were performed using the generalized Pentegov model, involving the use of appropriately transformed components of functions approximating static current-voltage characteristics of arc (taking into consideration  the effect of single-parameter disturbances of the column length, mass stream or gas pressure.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2019.2/6

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