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Assessing the Condition of the Material of Pressure Vessel after Their Long-Lasting Operation in the Petrochemical Industry Using Non-Destructive Acoustic Methods and Structural Stress Field Analysis

Igor Lyasota, Łukasz Sarniak, Piotr Kustra

The article discusses complex tests of an actual pressure vessel after its long-lasting operation in a petroleum distillation system. As a result of exposure to extreme conditions, the structural material of the vessel degraded and corroded significantly. The corrosion damage was identified and imaged using a Phased Array technique-based ultrasonic method. The subsequent stage of investigation involved hydraulic tests and the recording of acoustic emission signals. Stress concentration fields in damaged areas were identified using the FEM-based simulation method. The test results will be used to develop the complex methodology enabling the evaluation of the technical condition of pressure vessels used in the petrochemical industry. The above-named objective constitutes the primary goal of Programme LEADER VII, funded by the National Centre for Research and Development.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2019.3/6

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