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Modelling the Effect of External Disturbances in Static Characteristics of Unspecified and Determined Ignition Voltages on Dynamic Characteristics of Arc in a Circuit with Current Excitation. Part. 2. Simulation Test Result

Antoni Sawicki

The mapping of nonlinear current-voltage characteristics of static arc with unspecified and determined ignition voltage involved the use of approximation functions (various modifications of the Ayrton and Nottingham equations). In addition, parameters of the above-named functions (power, voltage, resistance) depended on one selected disturbing parameter (length, gas mass stream, gas pressure). To this end, approximations based on power functions were used. The simulation of processes in circuits with forced sinusoidal current and electric arc involved the use of the Pentegov mathematical model. Selected parameters of created models were disturbed using specific rates of change. The study demonstrates the effectiveness of applied approximations in the form of voltage-current characteristics of dynamic arc.      

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2019.3/8

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