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Problems Accompanying Repairs of Chemical Equipment

Edmund Tasak, Aneta Ziewiec

The paper presents problems experienced during repairs of structures operated at high temperature for a long time. Research-related TOFD method-based ultrasonic tests revealed indications implying the presence of unacceptable imperfections in welded joints. Attempted repairs involving the use of welding methods proved ineffective as the welding and heat treatment processes resulted in the formation of cracks. The tests and analysis of the above-named issue revealed that the reason for repair-related problems lay in relaxation cracks triggered by excessively high stresses in the joints and improper parameters of heat treatment to which the steel of the boiler was subjected. The welding technology developed as a result of the study enabled the performance of the proper repair of related equipment and made it possible to re-start the production.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2020.2/2

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