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The Analysis of the Microstructure of Welded Joints in Steel P5 after Service

Agata Merda, Grzegorz Golański, Paweł Wieczorek, Kamil Staszałek

The material subjected to the tests discussed in the article was a section of a welded joint made of bainitic steel P5. The joint subjected to analysis was sampled from a pipe section exposed to the effect of elevated temperature for more than 96 000 hours. The metallurgical tests revealed a relatively low degree of the degradation of the test joint. The microstructure contained retained bainite and precipitates of various morphology. The identification of precipitates revealed the presence of M23C6 and M2C precipitates in the joint. The M23C6 carbides were observed along the boundaries of former austenite grains. The above-named identification of precipitates also revealed the presence of M2C and M23C6 C6 carbides within the grains/laths. The insignificant exhaustion of the joint microstructure might be ascribed to the fact that the joint was subjected to relatively low temperature for a relatively short time.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2020.5/1

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