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New Weldable Steel for Rebars

Stanisław Klusek, Piotr Sędek, Kamil Kubik

A new steel grade, developed at the CELSA steelworks in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski and used in the production of rebars, contributes greatly to the
development of industrial and civil engineering. Steel B600B is characterised by yield point fyk = 600 MPa and immediate tensile strength ftk = 700 MPa. Tests revealed that the steel satisfies all requirements of related standards, both in terms of strength and processing properties. The mechanical properties of the new steel grade are higher by 20% than those of currently produced steels characterised by the highest mechanical properties (characteristic yield point Re= 500 MPa). As a result, the application of the new steel provides notable technical and economic advantages. The new steel grade meets requirements concerning technical class C in accordance with PN-EN 1992-1-1, which indicates that the steel has a significant yield point margin (being an important advantage in terms of limit state design). Plastic steels are easier to weld and less susceptible to welding crack formation. Technological (research-related) tests revealed the favourable welding properties of the new steel. Welding tests were performed using the manual metal arc welding method, i.e. the most common welding process used when making structural reinforcements. The welding tests involved the making of butt, overlap and cruciform joints. The strength and technological tests revealed that
the steel satisfied the requirements specified in the PN-EN ISO 17660-1 standard.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2021.3/3