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Effect of Braze Welding Process Parameters on the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Joints Made of Steel CPW 800. Part II: Laser Braze Welding

Sebastian Stano, Maciej Różański, Adam Grajcar

Presently, the reduction of the kerb weight of products is obtained by replacing previously used structural materials with new materials characterised by more favourable operating parameters. Significant mechanical properties of steels elements are primarily obtained through the precise heat treatment following cold rolling or, in cases of hot-rolled products, by using thermo-mechanical treatment. The problems related to the joining of the above-named materials using welding methods are connected with their high sensitivity to intense thermal cycles accompanying welding processes. The first part of the article presented the results of technological tests concerning the effect of arc braze welding processes. The second part of the article presents the effect of laser braze welding on the mechanical and structural properties of joints made of complex phase steel CPW 800.

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