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Effect of laser strengthening on the mechanical properties of car body steels presently used in automotive industry

Dawid Rutkowski, Andrzej Ambroziak

The article describes advanced very high-strength steels having the DP-type ferritic-martensitic structure, steels having the TRIP-type ferritic-bainitic structure with retained austenite and hot stamping steels. The research was focused on the selective DY044 laser strengthening of DP600, TRIP700 and 22MnB5 steels. The tests involved the determination of strengthening curves for the parent metal and for the weld as well as the determination of mechanical properties for DP600, TRIP700 and 22MnB5 steels strengthened by laser beam penetration, depending on the penetration depth. The research also involved the preparation and verification of parent metal and weld numerical models.

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