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Effect of Powder Surfacing on the Geometry of Run Surfaced on Flat and Cylindrical Elements

Anatolij A. Babynets, Igor A. Ryabtsev, Andrej I. Panfilov, Valerij W. Peremitko

Comparative tests of self-shielded arc surfacing of flat and cylindrical elements led to the conclusion that both of the above-named cases revealed the identical effect of surfacing conditions on the run width and the base material content in the layer subjected to surfacing. It was revealed that penetration depth and stirring degree were mostly affected by the value of surfacing current whereas the stability of welding process, the formation of the surfaced layer and its quality were influenced by arc voltage. Shallower penetration depth in the case of the cylindrical elements if compared with that of the flat elements, subjected to surfacing performed using the same surfacing parameters, was attributed to the shift of the electrode in relation to the perpendicular. The identified correlations enable the use of test results obtained in relation to the surfacing of flat surfaces when adjusting the optimum surfacing conditions in relation to cylindrical elements.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2017.6/2

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