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Effect of Welding Parameters on the Structure, Mechanical Properties and Crack Resistance of Welded Joints Made of Steel 14HGN2MDAFB

L.I. Markaszowa, W.D. Poznjakow, E.N. Berdnikowa

The article presents test results concerning the structure and the phase composition of the weld and HAZ metal of welded joints made of high yield point (above 700 MPa) steel 14HGN2MDAFB using the mechanised welding method. The tests involved the analytical assessment of the effect of structural parameters on the mechanical properties (Re, К*1C) of welded joints as well as the determination of the role of structural factors (phase composition, grain structure, subgrain structure and dislocation) in terms of changes in local internal stresses (τj), i.e. crack formation concentrators. The tests enabled the identification of optimum technological conditions ensuring the obtainment of high quality and reliable welded joints of structures characterised by high mechanical properties and crack resistance.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2018.2/5

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