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Microstructural Characteristics of Nickel Alloy Grade 600 After High-Temperature Thermal Cycle

Natalia Pocica, Lechosław Tuz

Alloy grade 600 is characterised by high oxidation resistance at high temperature and resistance to stress corrosion. Because of the above-named characteristics, the alloy is widely used in the chemical and food industries as well as in nuclear engineering. However, the alloy belongs to the group of hard-to-weld materials and, because of that fact, has a wide range of a solidification point, which extends the size of the liquid-sensitive fracture area extending beyond the weld pool and occurring in the partially melted zone. The susceptibility of alloys to solidification cracking is determined using high-temperature simulation. The study presents results of tests performed using a Gleeble 3800 simulator. The tests were performed to identify parameters characterising properties of alloy Inconel 600 at high temperature, during heating and cooling, i.e. nil ductility temperature (NDT), nil strength temperature (NST) and ductility recovery temperature (DRT). The identification of the above-named temperatures enabled the determination of the high-temperature brittleness range (HTBR). The material structure in the specimen rupture area was subjected to observation. The specimen fractures were subjected to observation aimed to reveal features revealing fracture types.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2017.6/7

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