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Microstructure and Properties of Dissimilar Welded Joints Made of Steels used in the Power Industry

Krzysztof Pańcikiewicz, Aneta Ziewiec, Paweł Zbroja, Paweł Kajda, Edmund Tasak

The article presents the microstructure and properties of dissimilar welded joints of pipes made of the 304HCu (X10CrNiCuNb18-9-3) and P92 (X10CrWMoVNb9-2) steels in the as welded state and after PWHT. The test-related TIG welding was carried out using two filler metals in the form of the Thermanit 304HCu and the EPRI P87 filler metal wires. The tests revealed the significant influence of heat treatment time extension on the decrease in the hardness of the martensitic steel and its HAZ as well as an on the increase in the hardness of the austenitic steel, its HAZ and of the weld made using the Thermanit 304HCu filler metal. The microscopic observations revealed the presence of a carburised zone on the fusion line between the P92 steel and the weld made using the Thermanit 304HCu filler metal wire.

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