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Laser Welding – New Applications in Welding of Pipelines and Rail Vehicles

Steffen Keitel, Jan Neubert

Laser welding and its combination with arc welding processes (laser-GMAW hybrid process) are obtaining an increasing importance for industrial applications. This paper gives an overview about the latest results of the development to qualify the laser welding process for tube welding, pipeline girth welding and welding of rail vehicles. Laser technologies are now available for tube production as well as for pipeline welding. There are technical solutions for production of longitudinal and helical welded tubes. Laser technologies are also applicable for pipeline welding in preproduction and under field conditions. Different procedures have been developed depending on tube diameters and wall thicknesses. The article contains examples of applications in gas and oil transport as well as in water pipeline transport. Laser welding of rail vehicles includes technologies for bogies and car bodies. Dependent on the application laser welding was used as a single process or in combination with GMAW. In the case of laser welding in the production of rail vehicles a close tie with the construction is necessary. The examples used demonstrate that laser welding is a safe technology used in highly sophisticated applications.

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