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Numerical Analyses in the Modelling of Spot Resistance Welding Processes

Tomasz Kik, Marek Slováček

The article presents the basics of the modelling of spot resistance welding processes, describes mechanisms to be taken into consideration in relation to numerical analyses of the above-named processes, briefly describes their mutual correlations and presents a simple example of the two-sided single spot welding of two steel plates demonstrating the vast range of analyses offered by a SYSWELD state-of-the-art software programme. The foregoing is of great importance during production where, e.g. because of manufacturing continuity, it is not possible to perform related tests. This article aims to present the new possibilities addressed to design engineers and technologists and offered by the cutting-edge FEM-based software programme for numerical analyses of welding processes and heat treatment. 

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2017.5/2

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