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Plasma Powder Surfacing of Toughened Steel S690Q Performed Using the NiBSi Powder with a Tungsten Carbide Addition

Agnieszka Kiszka, Jacek Górka, Piotr Kiszka

The article presents results obtained during the plasma powder surfacing of steel S690Q. The tests involved the use of the NiBSi-based EuTroLoy PG 6503 powder with a tungsten carbide addition as well as the making of overlay welds on 30 mm thick plates. The tests involved the making of both simple and overlap runs with an overlap of 30÷70%. The overlay welds were subjected to hardness tests, abrasive wear tests as well as macro and microscopic tests. The tests made it possible to obtain high-quality overlay welds within a wide range of process parameters.  

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2018.1/5

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