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Properties of welded joints made of cast steel GX8CrNi12-1

Marek Gucwa, Sławomir Parzych, Marcin Kukuryk, Marcin Sobala

The article presents test results concerning welded joints made of cast steel GX8CrNi12-1. The above-named cast steel has a martensitic microstructure and can be used in pressure equipment operated at ambient and high temperature. The test joints were made in the horizontal position and in the vertical up position. The foregoing was dictated by the fact that the above-named positions are used in industrial conditions, e.g. when welding steel castings. The welding process performed in the above-named positions ensured that specimens were sampled from areas exposed to the lowest and highest arc linear energy. The article describes the process of manual metal arc welding (111) and the post-weld heat treatment. The test joints were subjected to destructive tests including transverse tensile tests, impact strength tests, hardness measurements as well as macro and microscopic tests. The test results revealed differences in properties of joints made in different positions, resulting from various heat inputs to joints during welding.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2018.1/6

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