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Replacement of Projection Welding with the Spot Welding Process Illustrated Using an Example of a VW Crafter Door Window Frame

Agata Pawłowska

The process of projection welding is widely used in the automotive industry, e.g. when welding nuts or joining thin car body sheets. The article presents the possible replacement of projection resistance welding with two-sided spot resistance welding performed using an electrode having a smaller work area than that of electrodes used in projection welding. The comparative study involved the performance of technological tests involving both welding methods. Elements subjected to welding were front door frames of a Volkswagen Cratfer (i.e. a light commercial van) manufactured by the Volkswagen factory in Września, Poland. The joints obtained in the technological tests were subsequently subjected to visual and destructive tests.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2017.5/5

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