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Strength of the Weld with Respect to Its Geometry

Zygmunt Mikno, Bogusław Grzesik

The research presented in the article involved the analysis of the shape of a weld made using the spot resistance double-sided overlap welding of sheets. The analysis was performed using the 3D model of the weld. The analysis of between ten and twenty weld variants enabled the determination of the structure of the ideal weld. The ideal weld structure is composed of three parts, where a thin intermediate element (connector) is placed between two joined sheets. The entire model constitutes a mechanically inseparable whole, where both sheets and the intermediate element are made of the same material. The ideal weld is not subjected to a thermal cycle. The above-named model was supplemented with numerical calculations aimed to identify the most favourable shape of the weld (nugget), e.g. circular, rectangular etc.. The criterion of assessment was the (highest possible) value of shear force obtained in a static tensile test [1]. The article presents the results of the initial stage of research on the ideal weld.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2017.5/6

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