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Technology for Laser Welding of Ribbed Pipes Made of Inconel 625 Nickel Alloy

Janusz Adamiec, Michał Więcek

The increasing demand for electric energy in Europe requires continuous search for new energy sources as well as structural and technological solutions. Maintaining the present level of electric energy production requires the modernisation of previously used objects and the construction of new units for supercritical and ultrasupercritical parameters. The increase in thermal efficiency with the simultaneous energy cost reduction is possible due to ribbed pipes used in heat exchangers. The article presents ribbed pipe manufacturing technologies with special attention paid to an innovative laser welding technology developed at Energoinstal S.A. The use of high-power disc lasers enables welding ribbed pipes made of nickel alloys such as, for instance, Inconel 625. Due to their heat resistance and high-temperature creep resistance laser welded ribbed pipes made of the Inconel 625 alloy are elements of heat exchanger characterised by high usability potential. The article presents the results of technological tests involving laser welding of ribbed pipes made of the Inconel 625 alloy conducted at Energoinstal S.A. It was ascertained that the technology developed meets related requirements and can be qualified according to PN EN 15614-11.

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