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Types of Surface Impurities versus the Quality of Brazed Joints

Jacek Tomków, Jacek Haras

Brazing is one of the primary joining processes increasingly often applied in industry. Because of their mechanical properties, overlap joints are particularly popular when making brazed structures. The use of brazed joints in structures of critical importance requires that particular attention be paid to joint quality, e.g. by the appropriate cleaning of surfaces to be joined. The article presents results of non-destructive tests of brazed joints made in steel S235JRG2. Surfaces used in the tests were deliberately contaminated to simulate the presence of welding imperfections. Afterwards, the test specimens were subjected to non-destructive (visual and radiographic) tests aimed to determine the effect of surface impurities on the quality of brazed joints.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2018.4/6

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