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Welding EN AW 7075 Aluminium Alloy Sheets – Low-energy Versus Pulsed Current

Tomasz Pfeifer, Janusz Rykała

The article presents test results related to welding thin EN AW 7075 aluminium alloy sheets and the course of technological tests aimed at determining the usability of the CMT and MIG-Pulse methods for welding 2.0 mm EN AW 70775 alloy butt joints. The article also discusses the basic difficulties encountered while welding the 7xxx series alloy and presents the specific character of the welding method employing low arc energy and using pulsed current. The article presents the selected results of strength-related and macroscopic metallographic tests of the welded joints along with their detailed analysis. The study also describes the “circle path” hot crack resistance test; the joints obtained in the test were subjected to detailed microscopic metallographic examination and microanalysis of chemical composition. It should be emphasised that the CMT method enables the obtainment of good quality and aesthetics of welded joints made of the aluminium alloy generally recognised as poorly weldable.

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