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  1. Article's title:
  2. Author(s):
    • Institution employing author(s):
  3. Involvement of each author to prepare the publication:
    • Author of the idea, assumptions, research methods etc. used to prepare the publication:
    • Percentage authors' share:
  4. Funding sources, contribution of scientific-research institutions, associations or any other subjects:
  5. Author's statement:
  • I declare, that the article
    • is an original work, which has not been released before by any other publisher
    • has been published in following shape by other publisher
    • is defined as a modification of previously published article
      • (novelty level: .....%)
  • I declare, that neither of authors mentioned in the publication is involved as a guest author1 and nobody beside mentioned authors made a relevant contribution to make the publication (ghostwriting2)
  • I agree to distribute the Work on the rights specified by the Publisher, both in paper, as well as in electronic edition of Biuletyn Instytutu Spawalnictwa3


Date and main author's sign


1 Guest author – the author, whose contribution to prepare the article is insignificant or even none, though he is mentioned as an author/coauthor of the publication;

2 Ghostwriting – a situation, when certain author made a substantial contribution to prepare the article without revealing his participation;

3 Contitions of use, distribute and process the content of Biuletyn Instytutu Spawalnictwa are available online under the following link:

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