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Applicability of Laser Welding in the Joining of Cast Elements of the Combustion Engine Manifold and Turbine. Part 1. Laser Welding of the Turbine with the Compensating Capsule

Sebastian Stano, Radomir Anioł

The article presents attempts related to the laser welding of combustion engine manifold and turbine. The study discussed in the article made it possible to identify the potential and limitations connected with the application of laser welding technologies, workmanship accuracy and the positioning of elements to be welded. The study-related tests enabled the assessment of the effect of primary welding parameters on the shape of the weld both in terms of keyhole and melt-in welding processes. The first part of the research-related article discusses results concerning the laser welding of the turbine with the compensating capsule.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2020.1/3

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