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Electron Beam Welding of TMCP steel S700MC

Jacek Górka, Sylwester Błacha, Dawid Zagrobelny

The article discusses tests aimed to determine the effect of electron beam welding on the properties of butt welded joints made in 10 mm thick TMCP steel S700MC. The welding process was performed in the flat position (PA) using an XW150:30/756 welding and surface processing machine (Cambridge Vacuum Engineering). The joints obtained in the tests were subjected to non-destructive tests including visual tests and magnetic particle tests. The joints were also subjected to destructive tests including static tensile tests, bend tests, toughness tests (performed at a temperature of -30°C), hardness tests as well as macro and microscopic metallographic tests. The destructive tests revealed that the joint represented quality level B in accordance with the PN EN ISO 13919-1 standard. The analysis of the destructive test results related to the electron beam butt welded joint (made in steel S700MC) revealed its high mechanical and plastic properties. The toughness tests revealed a decrease in toughness in the HAZ (27 J/cm2) in comparison with that of the base material (50 J/cm2). In addition, the hardness of the HAZ and of the weld increased up to approximately 330 HV; the hardness of the base material amounted to 280 HV.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2020.4/1

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