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Selected Aspects of Ultrasonic Testing of Difficult Materials

Łukasz Rawicki, Jacek Słania

Welding is considered as a “Special Process”, which means that its quality cannot be readily verified and its successful application requires specialist management, personnel and procedures. It is important to conduct proper testing of the welded joints, including volumetric testing. In this case there are conducted ultrasonic testing, which enable detecting volumetric discontinuities. Ultrasonic testing meets many problems while testing joints with large anisotropy. The problems are caused by the physical phenomena, e.g. transformation, dispersion and absorption of the wave. It is connected with the structure of the material, which cause different propagation of the ultrasonic beam. The article presents the review of the factors affecting the quality of ultrasonic testing.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2020.5/4

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