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Tests of Technological Conditions of the Resistance Welding and Adhesive Bonding of Coated Steel Sheets

Szymon Kowieski, Jolanta Matusiak

The article presents the effect of welding technological parameters and adhesive bonding conditions (surface processing, overlap dimensions and the thickness of the adhesive layer) on the formation of hybrid (welded-adhesive bonded) joints of steel sheets provided with protective coatings. The tests involved the joining of sheets made of steel HC340LA. The sheets made of steel HC340LA (provided with a ZE50/50 Granocoat ZE two-layer organic coating) were in the as-received state and after cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. The tests also involved sheets made of steel 22MnB5 provided with an AlSi coating. The sheets made of steel 22MnB5 were subjected to heat treatment, cleaning with isopropyl alcohol, roughening and etching in similar configurations. The adhesive bonding process was performed applying one-component epoxy adhesive (used in the automotive industry).

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2021.5/2