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Microstructural Tests and Hardness Tests of Surface Layers of Nodular Cast Iron GJS-350 Made Using the Laser Surface Alloying Process

Denis Sacha

The article presents test results concerning the microstructure and the hardness of a composite layer made on a substrate of nodular cast iron GJS-350 using the laser surface alloying method. The alloying agent used in the test was powdered titanium. The study consists of an overview of reference publications aimed to introduce the most important aspects concerning the issue subjected to analysis. The research part presents the methodology of tests as well as their results and analysis. Microscopic analysis revealed that the layer structure was fine-grained and highly homogenous, whereas hardness measurements revealed that the titanium-enriched layer was characterised by significantly higher micro-hardness than that of the base material.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2021.6/4