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Detectability of Welding Imperfections in Non-Destructive PA and TOFD Ultrasonic Tests

Borys Bednarek, Rafał Jurkiewicz, Agnieszka Rzeźnikiewicz

The primary objective of the article was to compare the PA and TOFD ultrasonic technique-based detectability of internal imperfections in welded joints. The scope of tests involved the making of joints as well as the performance of ultrasonic, radiographic and macroscopic metallographic tests. The tests enabled the comparison of indications obtained in the tests with the actual location and the size of imperfections. The test results were then compared to identify the accuracy of each technique in relation to previously assumed measurement requirements (e.g. the depth at which a given imperfection was located, characteristic dimensions, offset from the weld axis, etc.)

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2022.1/2