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The Effect of the TIG Method-based Melting of Welds on the Properties and the Structure of Welded Joints Made of Austenitic Steel

Cyprian Tyszko, Jacek Górka

The article discusses the effect of TIG method-based melting on the properties and the structure of welded joints made of austenitic steel AISI 304. The tests involved the making of 2 mm thick joints followed by their subsequent melting performed in two different ways, i.e. with maintaining interpass temperature and immediately after welding. The study also included the performance of mechanical tests, macro and microscopic metallographic tests as well as hardness measurements and corrosion resistance tests. Results obtained in the tests justified the conclusion that the melting process and its conditions significantly affect the properties and the structure of welded joints.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2022.1/4