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The Effect of the Remelting and Laser Surface Alloying of Titanium Grade 5 (Ti6-Al-4V) on Erosive Wear Resistance

Tomasz Poloczek, Waldemar Kwaśny, Artur Czupryński

The article presents the effect of the remelting and alloying of titanium grade 5 (Ti6-Al-4V) on erosive wear resistance (in accordance with the ASTM G76-04 standard). The study involved tests concerning the effect of graphite on the in-situ synthesis of titanium carbide during alloying performed using a Trudisk 3302 disk laser. The study also involved hardness measurements of individual beads as well as macro and microscopic tests. The tests involving the use of a Phenom World PRO scanning electron microscope provided with an EDS analyser as well as the X-ray phase analysis revealed the possible synthesis of titanium carbide during the laser alloying of the titanium surface with graphite. The erosive wear resistance of beads reinforced with composite particles was higher than that of the material in the as-received state, yet lower than that of the material remelted without the use of the alloying material.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2022.2/3