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Numerical Analysis in the Welding of Structures with Respect to the Minimisation of Welding Distortions

Janusz Pikuła, Kamil Kubik, Piotr Sędek, Marek St. Węglowski, Krzysztof Kwieciński, Robert Czech, Marcin Spólnik

The welding process is the subject of worldwide tests, primarily related to the effect of process conditions and parameters on the structure, geometry and the strength of joints as well as on the formation of welding stresses and strains (distortions). In spite of numerous test results, the welding process itself continues to one of the reasons for the formation of distortions. Designers and manufacturers should follow principles contained in related standards and guidelines, specifying, among other things, acceptable dimensional deviations. The article presents FEM-based test results concerning the welding of a steel structure and analyses the effect of structure restrain on the formation of welding distortions.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2022.5/5

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