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Application of Advanced Welding Methods in the Production of Rims for Special Purposes

Maciej Wojtaszak, Katarzyna Baluch, Katarzyna Łyczkowska, Michał Urbańczyk, Janusz Adamiec

Special rims belong to structural elements determining the safety and service life of vehicles. Because of the fact that welded joints are integral parts of rims, the quality of the former affects the service life of the entire element. In turn, welding, as a special process, is decisive for the quality of joints. Advanced high-performance welding methods (such as laser or hybrid welding) can increase the efficiency and improve the quality of welded joints. The article presents results of technological tests involving the laser and hybrid welding of steel grades DD11 and DD14 (used in the production of rims). The reference technology was MAG welding. The welded joints were subjected to non-destructive and destructive tests. The test results revealed that both laser and hybrid welding enabled the obtainment of joints meeting strength-related requirements. However, the laser welding process led to the lowering of the weld face and the formation of significant weld porosity.

DOI: 10.17729/ebis.2023.2/2

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