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Fabrication of Steel Structures in Accordance with the Requirements of the New ZTV-ING Regulations – Selected Issues

Jerzy Kozłowski, Jakub Kozłowski

The fabrication of steel structures imposes on the manufacturer obligations to comply with requirements of appropriate standards and regulations. This article discusses examples of German market requirements applying to the fabrication of civil engineering structures (made of steel) in accordance with the German ZTV-ING regulations [1]. In addition, the article provides examples of requirements concerning materials, design, welded joints, fabrication and acceptance documentation of steel structures described in ZTV-ING Part 4, Chapter 1. The article also discusses requirements concerning the corrosion protection of structures described in Chapter 3. Particular attention is paid to the necessity of meeting requirements concerning the competence of personnel involved in the fabrication of structures and the corrosion protection of the latter. Because of the fact that many Polish manufacturers fabricate civil engineering structures for the German market, the knowledge of the new issue of the ZTV-ING regulations (2022) is essential.

DOI: 10.17729/ebis.2023.2/4

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