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The Application of Cluster Analysis in the Assessment of the Weldability of Unalloyed Steels

Anna Szewczyk, Klaudia Górska, Adrian Wolski, Dariusz Fydrych

Non-alloy steels constitute a large group of steels characterised by diversified chemical composition, structural morphology and a wide range of mechanical properties (determining weldability). The paper presents results of multidimensional analyses (based on cluster analysis) of 110 selected unalloyed steel grades. Properties adopted as diagnostic features included the chemical composition, mechanical properties (yield point) and values of selected indicators concerning susceptibility to technological crack formation. The analyses (performed using Ward’s and k-means methods) resulted in a division of the 110 steels into five steel groups (clusters). The
comparison of results obtained using two clustering methods and involving various classification criteria revealed that multidimensional analyses constituted a prospective method making it possible to assess the weldability of steels. However, results of such multidimensional analyses should be subjected to thorough and substantive analyses.

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