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The Modelling of Electric Arc with Stochastic Disturbances Part. 2. Simulating the Impact of Randomly Disturbed Models of Electric Arc on the Welding System and Power Supply Network

Antoni Sawicki

The article contains the justification for undertaking a study concerning the impact of random disturbances of AC arc on power supply systems of welding machines. In addition, the paper describes principles governing the development of arc macromodels using controlled voltage and current sources. Particular attention is paid to the magnitude of harmonic distortions of the THD+N signal (helpful in the quantitative assessment of the impact of randomly disturbed non-linear devices on supply networks). The article also presents macromodels of arcs corresponding to selected mathematical models, results of the simulated operation of these macromodels in the form of dynamic current-voltage characteristics and corresponding sets of measurement values of harmonic distortions of voltage. The study discussed in the article involved the investigation of processes occurring in the power supply system of the welding transformer loaded with randomly disturbed electric arc (found to be effective in the filtering of higher harmonics).

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