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Electron Beam-Based Rapid Prototyping - State of the Art

Marek St. Węglowski

Fast prototyping involving the use of an electron beam and a deposited material in the form of a wire is an efficient method enabling the making of elements having complicated shapes and made of expensive technical alloys, e.g. alloy steels, nickel or titanium alloys. The demand for fast prototyping results from the development of new technologies in the automotive, aviation and machine-building industries. The article discusses the advantages of fast prototyping methods confronted with conventional prototyping methods as well as presents ideas behind the fast prototyping and primary process parameters. The fast prototyping technology involving the use of a wire and an electron beam as the source of energy should gain recognition among Polish entrepreneurs intended to implement innovative solutions in their companies.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2018.1/3

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