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Ultrasonic Tests of FSW Joints of Thicknesses Below 8 mm

Marek St. Węglowski

The article presents results of ultrasonic tests concerning 6 mm thick FSW joints made of aluminium grade 2017. The tests were performed using joints with artificial post-weld welding imperfections and joints characterised by internal imperfections. The test results revealed that the use of the ultrasonic technique enabled assessments of the quality of 6 mm FSW joints. However, it should be noted that the characteristic geometry of welded joints made using the above-named method is responsible for the fact that an ultrasonic wave undergoes transformation, reflection and damping after entering a tested object. In addition, it is necessary to use specialist tandem-type probes applied when testing thin-walled elements.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2018.2/1

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