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The Mayr-Pentegov Model of Electric Arc with Selected Static Current-Voltage Characteristics

Antoni Sawicki

The article discusses the basic properties of the Mayr-Pentegov mathematical
model of electric arc. The study involved the selection of a set of generalised
functions enabling the approximation of static voltage-current characteristics.
The functions were used to determine the derivatives of the conductance function
in relation to the squared current (used to calculate the non-linear damping
function). In addition, the article presents the families of static characteristics
dependent on parameters of approximating functions. As a result of simulations
of processes in the circuit with the electric arc model, the families of dynamic
current-voltage characteristics were obtained. The application of the wide ranges
of parameter changes demonstrated the usability of the developed model utilising
various approximations of static characteristics.

doi: 10.17729/ebis.2020.3/6

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