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Strength Analysis of Dissimilar Adhesive-Bonded Joints

Sylwester Chłopek, Grzegorz Michta

The article discusses aspects related to material surface engineering and the strength of adhesive-bonded joints as well as presents results concerning the surface wetting angle and the free surface energy of steel S335, aluminium alloy AW7075 (T6) and the CFRP composite material in relation to three surface treatment conditions. The authors emphasize that surface preparation is of key importance as regards the obtainment of potentially high-strength joints. The article also discusses results concerning the roughness of the surface of the steel and the aluminium alloy in relation to various grades of abrasive paper granularity. The final part of the article presents test results concerning the shear strength of dissimilar adhesive-bonded joints (i.e. steel S335 – CFRP composite and aluminium alloy AW 7075 (T6) – CFRP composite) and discusses related images of ruptured joints.
doi: 10.17729/ebis.2022.2/2